Trade multiple DEXes
Trade multiple DEXes
Alammex searches for quotes across many exchanges and combines them to give you the optimal deal.

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Use all available liquidity to your advantage.

Alammex leverages several sources of liquidity, including...






Alammex saves you money by distributing your swap to multiple exchanges.

Why choose Alammex?

Best Price, Guaranteed

Alammex will always provide the best quote for any swap, compared to any single DEX.

Profit-Based Commissions

Alammex will only charge a commission if it is able to make a profit for the user. The majority (70%) of profits will go to the user, the remainder is the commission. The commission is only charged if all swap transactions succeed.


Alammex only leverages smart contracts that have been audited by trusted sources and endorsed by the Algorand Foundation.


All costs are displayed up front. What you see is what you get!